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Aline Bouvy

Splendeur et Décadence des Sirènes


Splendeur et Décadence des Sirènes

(Live session), 11’57”
1. Margaret Hermant
   & Fabien Leseure, Songes, 4’55”
2. Late Bush, Consolia, 4’27”
3. Antoine Pierre, Spirale, 4’54”
4. ssaliva, Out of Sight, 3’19”


Red vinyl LP

Gatefold sleeve + 4 pages booklet

316 x 312 mm

Text by Jean-Baptiste Carobolante

With the generous support of FOCUNA
Edition of 300
SALE –40%
€15,00 EUR + shipping

Splendeur et Décadence des Sirènes is an exhibition by Aline Bouvy, presented at the New Space in Liège from 25 October 2020 to 9 January 2021. The building used to be the garage of the Federal Police in Liège, and the exhibition consisted of a frieze in three panels presenting a police unit and four modified remote-control cars. A specific voice was assigned to each car. On 11 December 2020, four musicians were invited to drive one of these singing cars. Side A presents the recording of this session. Side B is an original composition by each artist created from sound material developed by Pierre Dozin for the voices of the remote-control cars.