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André Cadere

New York City, 1975

Softcover, 200 x 200 mm
40 pages, 30 images
Bilingual edition (English/French)
Text by Hervé Bize
Edition of 500

This book brings together a series of 30 photographs by André Cadere (Warsaw, 1934 — Paris, 1978). The photographs, which have never before been published in their entirety, capture the artist’s wanderings through New York City during his first trip in November, 1975. He took with him several round bars of wood, including one of his size, which appears in all the photographs. These images imply the idea of walking and displacement that is always associated with Cadere, who is often considered as a sort of itinerant artist or a parasitic figure who inserted himself into places to which he had not been invited. They also capture the very spirit of New York, a city that is always changing, but that nevertheless always manages to retain its uniqueness.